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Book excerpts

THE UNION- Authoritative crime novel about organized labor and corruption
By...P. David Perry

A story of union corruption and how those who control the unions betray the trust of their members. Uncovers the secret relationships and the criminal enterprise that exists between organized labor, politicians, and the Mafia. An authoritative look inside the unions’ computer systems revealing how they syphon millions. Exposes the secret conspiracies and unsavory methods used by the FBI and the Department of Labor to snare their prey into their trap. Who is the real criminal and where is the real crime? A look back at several historical events that are creatively woven into the fabric of the main story line. Lots of colorful lunches and dinners at famous restaurants that you will want to visit. Chris the computer expert who is installing the software and Marco the expert FBI computer analyst are on a collision course, yet both must choose between who they really are or what they may become. Do they live be their own personal honor code or do they betray the trust of those around them. A story of loyalty, betrayal and personal discovery. ​​​​​​​

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Characters & More

Meet Marco Richards

The Union

A few minutes past seven pm on Thursday May 21st, as the twin-engine Gulfstream 14 passenger plane broke though the low overcast blanketing Washington D.C., then sharply banked left over the Potomac River for its final approach to Langley. The Lincoln Memorial came into view on the right side of the plane, and special agent Marco Richards gave the seat belt one additional good luck tug and a sigh of relief. He liked to think that he was a real FBI field agent but that was not the case. This was his first real field assignment and the first time he was told to drop everything and fly to Washington to meet with the Special Agent in Charge for an important assignment needing his special computer skills. Richards was normally very calm and reserved but the use of the Assistant Directors 15 million dollar jet was gnawing at his curiosity. His specialty was computer engineering and forensic accounting and he was an expert at tracing sources and paths used in money laundering.

Through the tiny window, over the left wing, Marco could see the Capital dome glinting in the splinters of sunlight which had escaped through the pillows of white overhanging clouds. He could just make out the landscape with varying shades of green and flashes of blue and grey mixed from the sky above and the Potomac below. He could now make out the Washington Monument , it’s height appeared to be slightly above the plane’s altitude. Washington in full early spring splendor with smears of mixed colors of crimson, yellows, orange and bright greens.

And so, it was with Marco, that he would build his professional reputation within the bureau on data analysis. So much so that he would consume all his time collecting and analyzing statistical data often neglecting his field duty skills. He had recently taken his annual proficiency evaluation and struggled through the physical performance portions. Especially that part of the obstacle course where he had to scale over an eight-foot retaining wall. He was a book worm and would rather be sitting at a desk in front of a computer terminal rather than out doing James Bond like assignments. He was not just comfortable with computers; he was happy and excited when sitting before that keyboard and approached his job as if it were a treasure hunt.
He was curious since he knew that the Langley Labs had hundreds of computer experts and for the wheels of justice to select a computer analyst of his stature for a special assignment of such importance was beginning to sink in. While he began to question his ability, it also satisfied his ego. He was now about to become a real FBI Field Agent. So, he thought.

Meet Chris Vincent

The Union

Chris is the Computer expert who is installing his software at the Union. His nervousness was from the emotional damage he had suffered the last several weeks as he discovered the criminal conspiracies within the Union. He realized he had made some bad decisions and feared what awaited him once he arrived back in New York City. He had a life plan that was crafted long ago as a small boy but now knew he was on a collision course that could alter his plan. The train was comfortable, but he could feel his collar tighten around his neck. He reached up and loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt. It made little difference to his comfort. He wondered if it was all worth the many sacrifices that he made.

The recorder taped to his chest was not very big nor was it uncomfortable, but nevertheless it was hanging heavy on his body. He could feel his pulse beating against the tape which secured it to his torso. It pulled tightly across his chest weighing only 4 or 5 ounces. But it felt more like a boat anchor. There was a small wire which ran from the small transmitter up to a miniature microphone taped just below his left collar bone. The thought of discovery would not escape him, and he feared the possibilities of betrayal. 

Even though his father had Americanized their name from Vincenti to Vincent, there was little doubt that about his Italian heritage. Hell, he was a Piasani. He was one of them, and this meant that that he could join their special fraternity. Another cold day was about to begin even though it was early spring. The scales of justice were about to be tipped one way or another as he began to examine his own personal honor code.   

Meet C. R. Macey, The SAC

The Union

Macey was the Special Agent in-Charge and Marco remembered him from the academy. The memory was not entirely positive. What was most annoying to Marco was Macey’s arrogance. No question of his intelligence, he was one smart son-of-a-bitch. He in fact was brilliant at times and had an almost God like following among the junior agents who he had trained. He was a Marine Colonel having served in the Viet Nam War and had been awarded a Silver Star and the Navy’s Distinguished Service Cross. No one knew the exact details other than it was from his Viet Nam service. Macy was a super sleuth with an uncanny ability to remember details. He was more than smart … he was a smart ass and he not only knew it … he wanted everyone else to know it. You would seldom win an argument or a debate with Macey unless he wanted you to win. If you were getting the upper hand in the discussion Macey would in a most clever fashion, find a way to move the discussion or topic in another direction to his advantage. Losing an argument for Macey seldom occurred.

As they began to walk through the door, just then a tall and trim man in his mid-fifties appeared from a door on the right. He had light brown pants, a white shirt with his sleeves rolled halfway up with his red tie hung loosely around his buttoned down collar. He was slightly balding. ”Hello, Marco Richards I presume … glad that you were able to meet with us on such short notice”. There was a cigarette loosely hanging from the right side of Macey’s mouth. “I have heard some very good reports from the Chicago unit, and I am really glad that you have been selected for this assignment”. Macey reached up with his right hand and placed the cigarette in between his right thumb and forefinger. He exhaled a large plume of gray smoke as he took the cigarette from his mouth with his right hand. Marco noticed that it was a Camel.

“Thank you, Colonel, if the plane is any preview of the duty, then I am all in” Replied Marco as he reached for the outstretched hand of Colonel Macey forgetting that Macey’s hand was now holding the cigarette. Macey ignored the outstretched hand, he was holding the cigarette between his thumb and forefinger of his right hand. “Well anyways … we welcome you to Langley Virginia. We are all looking forward to your assistance on an important project. You have gotten noticed by some very important people in the bureau and come to us with a very good resume.”

Macey went on “Look I know you have been pulled from some other important assignments and I know this has been a long day for you, but we need to get right to the point. I would like to start immediately … If you don’t mind by providing you with some background on this case assignment. If you will follow me, we have reserved a conference room. I also have sent out for some pizza. You like pizza don’t you?”

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