Hello...my name is Hugo Dogood and I am the fictional creation of Peter David Perry.

Hello...my name is Hugo Dogood and I am the fictional creation of Peter David Perry.

        I am a great,(times 10 maybe) great, grandson of Silence Dogood whom was also a fictional character. Actually Silence Dogood was the fabrication of a famous stateman called Ben Franklin. Silence was just a pen name and the author of the Dogwood Papers which were published in the New England Courant in 1722. At that time, Ben was just 16 years old but a very wise young man well beyond the intellect of his peers. Franklin was also the oldest signer of the Declaration of Independence at the age of 70. By the way, the youngest was Edward Rutledge, a lawyer from South Carolina who was just 26 years old. 
      The Dogwood Papers consisted of 14 letters which were penned to provide entertainment. They did however reveal the talent and character of a great statesman and I thought it would be worthwhile to explore and comment on what Old Ben had to say and how it may relate to what we are experiencing in our lives today in America. 
       I hope that we can refer back to some of the nuggets of wisdom found in these letters and comment on how they apply to today’s America.  Silence was a great author and we are pleased to provide some history which I am sad to say may not be found in todays classrooms. While we write novels, I hope that we can find the room to include notable stories about people and events from the past since history is the basis for the best stories.. 

       It is still gratifying to me to find that there are still people who take the time to read books. I grew up in a time when communication technology was the telephone and schoolwork was carried out using paper and pencils. Reading and writing was taught in the classroom and science was based on hard data and facts using books. I have found the social and political forces, and in particular technology have dramatically forced behavioral and societal changes that have come to be accepted as normal.
       Some believe that to portray them as accurately as history has recorded them may not be acceptable and the facts must fit a narrative of those in power or those who are controlling the media. I learned that English was still an important language that should be taught in the classroom and the true meaning of a word could be found in a dictionary.
       The Union spills into some of the characterizations of actual people, and I have attempted to portray them as interesting and colorful along the narrative of what actually occurred. My belief is that readers appreciate realism and believability even within the context of fiction. Most may not seem to care, but the thirst for truth still remains for many.
         Being only human, I can look back over the many years and find many human tragedies that have taken place politically and in government when the facts are hidden or distorted. I may criticize myself for not speaking out, but the portrayals in my fiction in some ways may vindicate my past silence and stimulate clear headed thinking. The Union is based on my real-life experiences as my story weaves along historical places and historical events to provide an authoritative and factual element that not only intensifies interest, but adds truth and believability to the story. The Union is now available from Archway, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book-a-Million and other leading book retailers.           The following is a review from the publisher’s editor. “This book is an interesting, entertaining look into the history and societal impact of labor unions and organized crime. Using a variety of characters from all sides of the table gives the reader something to think about, as they imagine the story from the “Good Guys” and “Bad Guys” points of view. Was Chris Vincent on the side of good or evil? I’m still undecided.” Archway Publishing Editorial Department

P. David Perry

That's me Peter David Perry and I am pleased to introduce you to some of my essays on a variety of subject matter.  I do get somewhat political since politics plays an important role in all of our lives.  Unfortunately, many do not follow politics to the extent that you or I  do, but nevertheless the role politics play impacts everyone's lives not just in America but across the globe.  I have been writing essays, newsletter, books and many other  stories, mostly factual since 1980.  My latest book is my first novel which began over ten years ago. I have learned a few thing about writing and hope to share some of my thoughts as I have navigated through the process of trying to become a better writer and how I overcame the many challenges faced by most authors.   

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Rules and Instructions

The rules are simple...tell the truth, no porn, no vulgar expressions and do good deeds once in a while.

     I have started the Website to attract readers to my essays and to promote THE UNION...an authoritative novel which is about union corruption.  n my novel I have included what I thought would be interesting bits of history that would help- to color the story and improve interest.  Some of those places, people and events will eventually tie into the main story line.   But as I have begun to work on the site, I recognized that this is also an opportunity to reach out to readers and those interested in true to life stories.  So, I welcome both Authors and readers.  There are a few holes in the web site, but I will continue to fill them and provide improvements as we progress together.  We want to hear from you.
My background is filled with over 50 years of business and entrepreneurial experience that I am eager to share.  Most of those years was filled with direct sales and marketing experience working for big companies and the majority of those years working for myself.  I have direct experience with over 35 year of computer software and have implemented over two dozen union implementations, so THE UNION is based on real life experiences even though it is a fictional novel.  Anyways, let me hear from you and feel free to offer your comments and suggestions.     


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